Northwest NEWS

February 18, 2002


Send e-mail if you're against roundabout

A few weeks ago you printed my letter stating my opposition to the proposed roundabout at State Route203 and Northeast 124th Street. I believe traffic lights and turn lanes would be more appropriate for that intersection. A roundabout would be too expensive, take too long to construct, is a poor choice for a 55 mph rural highway, and is environmentally unsound. Also, we need adequate traffic-control devices at that intersection before the Woodinville-Duvall bridge closes this summer.
   Local residents who are opposed to plans for the roundabout are invited to send a brief e-mail stating their opposition to as soon as possible. These e-mailswill then be printed and presented to the Department of Transportation (DOT) officials who will be visiting the site soon (within 2 weeks), possibly including the secretary of the DOT. This is strength in numbers and will prove that there are many, not just a few, opposed to a roundabout at that site.
   Feel free to write directly to the State DOT as well; SR203 is their road and the fate of that intersection lies with them. Thanks go to Duvall Mayor Becky Nixon for helping to arrange the meeting, even though the intersection is not in the city of Duvall. But it definitely affects Duvall, Carnation and the surrounding unincorporated areas, so please act now if you are against this.
   Heidi Collins, Duvall