Northwest NEWS

February 18, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

Feb. 12: Around 9:30 in the evening, an officer contacted a male standing on the corner of Northeast 184th and 132nd Avenue Northeast. After a brief conversation, the officer ran the man's name and date of birth.
   The records' check showed that this person had four outstanding warrants for his arrest. Upon hearing this, he tried to run.
   After a brief chase, the officer caught the man and placed him under arrest. A search of his person incident to arrest revealed a bag of white powdery substance which later tested positive as crystal methamphetamine.
   Feb. 8: While moving motorcycles out to the sidewalk in front of a business located in the 17400 block of 131st Avenue Northeast, an employee noticed a dark colored Nissan park in the lot. Two young males exited the car and then walked across the street to a local fast food restaurant.
   While the employee continued to roll out the motorcycles to the front, he noticed one of the males standing across the street watching him.
   The employee returned inside the business to get the next bike, but upon his return outside he saw one of the young men start a bike and ride off down the street. He quickly looked over to the parking lot and saw that the Nissan was already gone.
   Police arrived and quickly learned that the stolen bike had been repossessed by the bank due to the owner's failure to stay current on his payments.
   However, when police contacted the bank, they reported that the owner had made up his late payments and was planning to retake possession of the motorcycle. Police thought they had their man until the owner arrived at the business later that day to pay the storage fees and pick up his bike.
   The employee who witnessed the theft positively identified the owner as not being involved in the earlier heist.
   Officers were able to obtain videotape from the restaurant across the street and are hoping to make a positive identification of the suspects with this new evidence.