Northwest NEWS

February 25, 2002


Keep Woodinville's seniors in mind

We noted, in some surprise, that the recent news release from the Woodinville Planning Commission made no mention of facilities, programs or space for Woodinville's seniors.
   On behalf of the more than 800 seniors with Woodinville addresses, I would like the various agencies involved in planning for Woodinville's future to consider some of the following points:
   1) It is very difficult to plan activities for seniors in Woodinville when we have no single address which can be given where seniors can meet, get information, or exchange ideas - in other words, achieve identity as Woodinville seniors.
   2) The City of Woodinville, through its Parks & Recreation Department, has very kindly supported us with desk space and a telephone, (425) 398-9327, Ext. 2238. How many are familiar with this number and our desk in the Sorenson Building? Space for meetings, chatting, "coffee," as well as programs and activities in one central, identifiable space with transit access, is a vital need.
   The community has been most generous - especially Brittany Park, the Sammamish Valley Grange, the Woodinville Library. But events scheduled in those locations are often identified as being provided by those locations.
   Please, we need a place where Woodinville's seniors can meet, plan, and develop Woodinville's programs for Woodinville's seniors!
   3) For nearly four years, the Northshore Senior Center (NSSC) has generously supported programming for Woodinville by supplying a part-time branch manager (the dedicated, hard-working Shellie Fagan), a budget for mailing, renting space wherever it can be found, for instructors, etc. But the NSSC is more and more budget-restricted. We cannot expect them to continue indefinitely. It's time for us to take over, with volunteers doing, planning and having fun together, rather than having to drive over to Bothell for what we seniors need or would like to do!
   4) Speaking of volunteers - We do most desperately need seniors willing to devote a couple hours a week to the Woodinville seniors programs! We need telephoners, (from home or from the Woodinville Community Center), schedulers, planners, hosts and hostesses. You name it, we need you!
   Call (425) 398-9327 Ext. 2238 any forenoon (Shellie is there mornings only; I'm there Mondays, 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.) and let us tap your talents.
   I could write more, but this gives the skeletal needs. The Northshore Senior Center actually started in much the same way and right here in Woodinville!
   So, please, in your planning, keep Woodinville's seniors in mind! Some day, God willing, you will be one of us!
   Eleanor R. Wallis, Woodinville