Northwest NEWS

February 25, 2002


Roundabout will keep traffic flowing

In response to the letter in last week's Valley View asking for e-mails expressing opposition to the proposed roundabout at 124th and 203, I would like to ask that those supporting the roundabout send a brief e-mail of support for the plan to and I will ensure that these too reach the Department of Transportation (DOT) representatives.
   Also, feel free to express your support to the state DOT. I feel that the roundabout will keep the traffic flowing most freely which is, after all, what needs to be done in order to best alleviate the traffic and safety problems at that location.
   Strength in numbers can let the DOT know that we are not universally opposed to anything new, but prepared for them to do what it takes keep our roads unclogged and safe.
   The traffic planners at the DOT don't just make this stuff up to annoy us, traffic planning is a science and like all science, it cannot proceed without the right tools. Please lend support to this proposal.
   Ian King, Duvall