Northwest NEWS

February 25, 2002


Once a Marine, always a Marine

The Seattle-Evergreen Chapter, 1st Marine Division is looking for members throughout various communities to join our ranks. If you ever served in the 1st Marine Division or in an attached or supporting unit we need to hear from you. Veterans of the "First to Fight" Division of World War II, North China, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm campaigns and the Cold War welcome your support in joining us. Our goal is to support the U.S. Marine Corps now in harm's way, while gathering to renew the special bonds forged in service abroad, at sea, and in combat. We meet socially several times a year in local communities. Our functions include brunches, attending the evening parades at Bangor Submarine Base, a combined picnic with other Marine Corps groups, supporting the Marine Corps' birthday in November and our annual Christmas party.
   To receive a brochure and membership application or for further information, contact Boyce Clark at (425) 778-1672 or by e-mail at Remember, if you still believe that "Once a Marine, always a Marine" applies to you, then contact us, we need your support. Semper Fidelis!
   Boyce Clark, Edmonds