Northwest NEWS

February 25, 2002

Local News

Mental stability of suspected kidnapper is questioned

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   The man suspected of abducting a young Kingsgate boy last June will be headed to Western State Hospital for psychiatric examinations next month.
   On March 4, Richard Allen Dunn will appear in court where prosecutors will recommend a 15-day mental evaluation at the state-run psychiatric hospital to determine his mental competency, said Dan Donahoe, spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office.
   Dunn, 39, has been charged with one count of first degree kidnapping with a special finding of sexual motivation and three counts of possession of child pornography. Detectives said they found 63,000 images of child pornography on Dunn's computer. He remains in King County Jail in lieu of $1 million bail.
   Charges stem from the alleged June 20 abduction of then-6-year-old Davry Chen who was playing in his Kingsgate neighborhood in the vicinity of Northeast 143rd Street and 124th Avenue Northeast when he suddenly disappeared.
   Neighbors saw the boy talking to a man. They said a man with a distinctive mark on his head had been driving around asking young boys to help him find his lost son. Family members combed the neighborhood in search of Davry, found his bike - but not him.
   A 24-hour hunt ensued. Then, acting on a tip from Dunn's neighbor who had seen reports of the missing boy and a man driving a white Subaru on television, police burst through Dunn's apartment door - only a block away from the Chen residence - and found the frightened child. Davry told his mother he had been beaten with a belt when he tried to escape. He also described a head sore on the man who snatched him.
   Dunn was not in the apartment when authorities rescued the boy. But he was apprehended some seven hours later in downtown Seattle.
   It seems a woman to whom Dunn spoke recognized the forehead scab so widely broadcast in the media and called 911 immediately after she spoke to him.
   It has been reported that Dunn told at least three people, including the woman who called 911, that he was in a lot of trouble and needed to leave the area. It was further reported that Dunn asked the receptionist at the company where he was employed to withdraw $500 for him. He supposedly asked another employee to get him a passport.
   Of the conspicuous mark on his forehead, Dunn has told two stories. In one version, he got the wound in a car accident.
   In another, he got the scrape in a nasty fall in a restaurant parking lot the night of the abduction.
   Yet the suspect contends he did not abduct the child. He says he knew nothing about the abduction or the child found tied-up in his apartment. He claims he drank too much the night of the kidnapping and blacked out.
   Police did find samples of blood that matched the boy's DNA in Dunn's apartment bathroom, which spurred questions as to whether or not the child was sexually assaulted during the 24-hour ordeal.
   Authorities are hoping the court-required psychiatric tests will help determine Dunn's fitness to stand trial. Prosecutors wonder if claims of the blackout are founded or if Dunn is feigning mental illness to escape the consequences of the alleged abduction.