Northwest NEWS

February 25, 2002

Local News

Duvall Police Beat

Feb 10 - Theft: A 25" televion set was stolen from the auditorium at Cedarcrest High School. A security cable and bracket were broken from the rear of the set. The make, model, number and serial number of the set have been entered as stolen.
   Feb 11 - Criminal Traffic: The registered owner of a vehicle was stopped for having a suspended driver's license in the 2nd degree. He was arrested and the vehicle impounded. He was booked into King County Jail.
   Feb 12 - Found Property: A merchant found two bags containing assorted clothing under a dumpster. The brand name items still had the price tags attached. The owner has not been located.
   Feb 12 - Alcohol Offense: Officers contacted a minor outside a business on Main Street. The youth had alcohol on his breath. He was arrested. A partially consumed bottle of beer was found in his pants pocket. He is being charged with a minor in possession and/or consumption of alcohol.
   Feb 14 - Traffic Accident: A driver gave two friends a ride. The vehicle left the roadway and went into the ditch. One of the passengers was injured only slightly. The driver did not have a license or permission to drive the vehicle. Charges are being filed.
   Feb 14 - Agency Assist: Officers responded to assist Snohomish County deputies with a suicidal motorist on Highway 203. The subject was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for observation.
   Feb 15 - Stolen Vehicle: At about 2:30 a.m. an officer attempted to stop a vehicle for a burned out tail light. The driver turned onto a dead end street. The driver stopped the car, jumped from the vehicle and ran. The officer chased the driver on foot. After a struggle, the driver was taken into custody. Upon checking the vehicle, the ignition had been punched and a large screwdriver was subsituted for a key. The truck had been stolen in Everett. The suspected car thief was booked into King County Jail.
   Feb 15 - Threats: A citizen reported a person had threatened to kill her. The suspect was contacted by police and asked to come to the station for an interview. The person reporting the threats and the suspect had talked out their differences. The victim decided not to pursue the charges.
   Feb 15 - Traffic Accident, Hit and Run: A Cedarcrest student reported someone had struck her car and caused $2,000 worth of damage. The officer found a black paint transfer in the damaged area of the victims car.
   Feb 16 - Missing Person: A father called and reported he had not seen his daughter in three days. The father was able to provide some of his daughter friends names and phone numbers. Officer contacted several of the friends. Within two hours the daughter had called home.
   Feb 16 - Agency Assist: Officers responded with fire to the 27200 block of N.E. Cherry Valley Road for a motocycle accident. The victim was transported to Cherry Valley Elementary and airlifted to Harborview Hospital.
   Feb 16 - Domestic Disturbance: Three citizens called 911 to report a male and female in the street yelling. Police contacted the couple who are dating and the argument was over an old boyfriend and money. Resources were provided.