Northwest NEWS

March 4, 2002


Letters to the Editor


*The House Joint Resolution number cited in the Feb. 25 article entitled "After House vote, Supermajority Rule remains intact" was incorrect.

Guest Editorial: School smarts can outsmart bullies

*"Given the serious effects bullying behavior has on both students and schools, we can't afford to simply dismiss it as 'normal' or inevitable part of childhood," say Cori Brewster and Jennifer Railsback.

Roundabout would offer long term solution to problem

*This comes in response to a recent letter opposing a roundabout at the State Route 202/148th Avenue Northeast (Hollywood Hill) intersection.

What is the price of one life?

*I am a concerned citizen and have lived here all of my life. I am in favor of a traffic circle at 124th and SR 203.

Good Samaritans still reside in Duvall

*In a time of growth for the town of Duvall, I often wonder if we have lost our sense of a "small-town" community. The other day my hope was restored by a Good Samaritan who brightened my day.

It's time we create some necessary space for the already suffering soccer community.

*Over the past few months I have been getting excited, disappointed, excited then disappointed again over the struggle between soccer leagues/players/parents and farm preservationists about the possibility of turning some land set aside for farming into sports fields, especially soccer fields.

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