Northwest NEWS

March 4, 2002


'Human Body' uses cutting-edge technology to tell the story of life

by Deborah Stone
   Arts and Entertainment
   To coincide with its "Genetics!" exhibit, Pacific Science Center is showing "The Human Body," a new IMAX film that explores the functions of the body and tells the story of life.
   This large format production features images of normal everyday biological processes using cutting edge technology and high definition video cameras. It presents a detailed look at what makes the human body tick, showing the numerous activities that occur without one's notice or control.
   "The Human Body" follows a family as they go about their normal routines, investigating the extraordinary accomplishments in the lives and bodies of eight-year-old Zannah, teenager Luke and Uncle Buster and Aunt Heather, a couple expecting its first child.
   Various techniques, including thermal imaging, motion-control photography, endoscopy, sonography/ultrasound and time-lapse photography are utilized to reveal the mysteries of life inside the body.
   Sophisticated computer graphics image Luke's body as he bikes to school, showing how blood flows through his arteries and veins. As Zannah listens to music, special scanning electron microscopy (SEM) magnifies her inner ear to provide audiences with a glimpse at how it responds to vibrations. Heather's pregnancy is tracked, along with her own observations and thoughts about impending motherhood and the physical transformations she undergoes during this momentous time period in her life. The film culminates with the birth of the couple's baby, allowing viewers to get an up close and personal look at the wonders of the birth process.
   This is a groundbreaking film, which brings the latest developments in medical imaging together with advanced cinematic techniques and cameras. It is a fascinating production that causes one to realize how amazing the human body is and to take pride in all its accomplishments.
   "The Human Body" shows daily at Pacific Science Center's Eames IMAX Theater and will run through the summer. For showtime and ticket information, call (206) 443-IMAX.