Northwest NEWS

March 4, 2002


International Women's Day

Women's rights locally and globally will be the focus of Seattle's International Women's Day's celebration from March 4-10 in locations throughout the city.
   "The Global Struggle for Women's Liberation" will include cultural events, films, a march and rally, special community television programming and a Teach In as part of the 2002 activities.
   Educational workshops about Women's Voices of Peace & Justice Amidst War, Reproductive Rights and Sexual Health, Economic and Environmental Justice, and Sovereignty of Indigenous People will be featured on March 9 at Seattle University.
   Also on March 9, the dynamic performance artist, Sarah Jones, will be performing her one woman play, "Women Can't Wait!" at the University of Washington HUB.
   A day-long celebration on March 10 will bring together artists and cultural workers at the Seattle Center with numerous women's organizations.
   For more information and to get involved, check the Web site or contact Michelle Esquerra (206) 860-1400, Ext. 5.