Northwest NEWS

March 4, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

Feb. 19: A car pulled into a station located in the 13000 block of Northeast 177th Place and pumped 13 gallons of gas. The driver then laid the handle on the ground and drove off. The attendant was able to give a general description of the car and driver but did not get a license number.
   Feb. 19: Officers responded to a 9-1-1 call in the 14200 block of Northeast 171st Street for a domestic violence report. Upon arrival, officers contacted a man who said he called 9-1-1 to get his live-in girlfriend to calm down. While interviewing both parties, officers ran a standard records check and discovered that the man had a warrant for his arrest out of Northeast District Court. Officers arrested the man on the warrant and a search of his person incident to arrest revealed methamphetamine in his pocket.
   Feb. 18: A renter in the 15000 block of 127th Place Northeast returned home in the afternoon and found her backyard gate open. This perked her suspicion which led her to look around. She found fresh pry marks on the back window of her home and called police who investigated the scene and determined that the suspect did not gain entrance to the home.
   Feb. 18: Contractors arrived in the 14900 block of 164th Avenue Northeast to install a furnace in a new construction home. However, there was no furnace as anticipated. They called the heating company and learned that the furnace had been delivered to the open and unsecured garage the day before. Police investigated but have no leads at this time.
   Feb. 17: Four young males entered a shoe store in the 17900 block of Garden Way. After walking around for a few minutes the clerk noted the group leaving. One of the males had on a brand new pair of FUBU shoes for which he had not paid. The clerk went to the back a found a FUBU box on the floor with an old pair of shoes inside. Police responded to the scene and quickly found a group of four males walking down a nearby street. Officers contacted the group and noticed that one of the males was wearing a new pair of shoes. Officers brought the group back to the store where the clerk immediately identified them as the suspects. All were arrested.
   Feb. 25: A teacher from Woodinville High School reported a metal cash box missing. Police located the empty box during a search of the grounds.
   Feb. 24: Officers responded to an alarm in the 18600 block of 142nd Avenue Northeast. Officers found the front window smashed but quickly determined that nothing inside was missing or had been disturbed. Officers also located a rock among the glass debris.
   Feb. 23: The owner of a car returned home around 2:30 in the morning to find his car vandalized. The suspect entered the car parked in the 14500 block of 129th Northeast and caused extensive damage to the dash when he ripped out the stereo. The victim's roommate went to check on his parked car and discovered a similar situation. The roommate's car was missing its stereo and speakers.
   Feb. 23: Officers responded to the 17900 block of 151st Way Northeast to the report of a stolen car. The owner told police that he parked and locked his car in the driveway the night before. When he came out in the morning, his car was missing. Officers did not see any signs of a forced break in. The man told police that his ex-wife also had a key to the car. Officers followed up on that lead, but the woman knew nothing about the incident and no evidence pointed in her direction.
   Feb. 21: A man was driving home eastbound on Woodinville-Duvall Road. He noticed the Ford Taurus in front of him weaving erratically. The Taurus drifted back and forth until one particular bend when the car drifted over the fog line and kept going. The witness watched as the Taurus left the road, blew through some blackberry bushes and slammed head-on into a tree. The witness stopped his car at the first safe spot and while running back to the scene noticed a man walking along the road. When the witness got to the crash, there was no one in the car. Police arrived and searched the area, but the man seen walking from the accident was not to be found. The Taurus was impounded and the case is under further investigation.
   Feb. 21: Officers received a call from a business in the 14100 block of Northeast 189th that reported a theft from their recycling dumpster. The suspects cut the lock on the dumpster and stole aluminum scrap metal. Scrap aluminum is worth .88 cents per pound and the owner estimated that the suspects got away with $300 worth of material.