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March 4, 2002

Local News

New King County service puts a dent in the junk vehicle removal maze

Thanks to a new King County service, the unpleasant and complicated process of removing an abandoned junk vehicle just became a whole lot easier.
   Thousands of abandoned or "junk" vehicles lie rusting in yards, ravines, parking lots, and open spaces throughout the county. They are not only an eyesore, they damage the environment and attract more illegal dumping. As property owners quickly find out, getting rid of a junk vehicle is not as simple as calling a towing company to come haul it away.
   The King County Solid Waste Division is launching a new service to help county residents complete two critical steps in the removal process. First, County staff will inspect the vehicle and determine whether it meets the legal definition of "junk vehicle."
   For a vehicle to legally be considered "junk", it must meet at least three of the following conditions:
   Three years or older; extensively damaged; apparently inoperable; the "Fair Market Value" is equal only to the the approximate value of the scrap in it.
   Second, King County Staff will provide the resident with a Junk Vehicle Form which, in many cases, serves as the vehicle title. Once there is a title, the vehicle may legally be removed from the property. The County does not remove or dispose of the vehicle - that is the responsibility of the property owner.
   On average, the County receives about 20 calls a week from residents requesting help with the process of removing a junk vehicle.
   To request assistance or for more information, please contact Marilyn Nelson, Junk Vehicle Officer, King County Solid Waste Division, at (206) 296-4437 or