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March 4, 2002

Local News

Property rights: taxes and public benefit from your land

All interested persons of the community are welcome to attend the next Upper Bear Creek Community Council public forum meeting at the Woodinville Library to be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 25.
   The public review draft of the Near Term Action Agenda for Chinook Recovery has been released for comments before March 28. Hear what is planned for the Bear Creek basin and why this is so important to King County.
   Can you reduce your property tax by using the Public Benefit Rating System or other King County programs that promote preservation of open space? Equestrian trails are now supported by King County Ordinance, what effect might this change have on you?
   You pay taxes on your land but you are not free to do whatever you want on it. Burning, cutting trees, grading, stream and wetland protection, Native Growth Protection Easements and many other restrictions may be subject to code enforcement by King County or other agencies. Which regulations are making this a better community and which are not?
   The Upper Bear Creek Community Council has invited specialists dealing with the above issues to present information and listen to you and your neighbors discuss how we can better build a healthy community for people and native species.
   For more information about the Upper Bear Creek Community Council, call Nancy Stafford at (425) 788-5841 or Peter Lamanna at (206) 660-2262.