Northwest NEWS

March 4, 2002


Page program gives local students a first-hand view of democracy

OLYMPIA - There's an easy way for high school students to learn about democracy: go to the state Legislature in Olympia and see it first-hand.
   Since 1891, students have come from across the state to serve as pages in the Senate and House of Representatives. Recently, Ben Buchwalter of Woodinville spent a week serving as a page for Rep. Laura Ruderman.
   Buchwalter, 16, is the son of Lisa and Charles Buchwalter, and is a tenth grade student at the Overlake School.
   "Everytime I've seen Ben walking around campus this week, he's been smiling and tells me he is having a great time. It's great to see a young person enthusiastic about getting involved in our government." said Ruderman.
   Students or parents interested in the page program should contact Ruderman's office. Pages spend one week in Olympia, with housing and a meal allowance provided. To serve as a page, a student must:
   Be at least 14 years old but not yet 17
   Have permission from their school and from their parents or legal guardian
   Be sponsored by a member of the House or Senate
   For more information, visit the Page program home page at or contact Ruderman at (360) 786-7822 or