Northwest NEWS

March 4, 2002


Northshore Junior High holds Career Day

Northshore Junior High will be holding a Career Day for its 920 students on March 15 from 8-11 a.m. It is important for junior high students to start thinking about career paths because by 9th grade they need to begin to tailor their classes to those required for certain careers. Thirty-nine adults, with varied careers, have volunteered to spend the morning with groups of students sharing information about their careers. These adults have skilled, technical, or professional careers in social services, education, science, technology, the arts, communication, healthcare, business and marketing. Information will be shared about career pro and cons, salary, high school and college curriculum, and job opportunities. Prior to Career Day, the students will spend time with the school's counselors discussing careers and exploring which career paths would be a good match based on their interests and strengths.
   This is the fourth year that Northshore Junior High has held Career Day. The PTSA has worked closely with the Principal, Ray Houser, the teachers, and staff to plan and implement the event.