Northwest NEWS

March 11, 2002


It's time to get involved - sign up for the Avon Three Day

Last year just about this time I saw my first ad about the three day, 60-mile walk from Enumclaw to Seattle to help earn money for breast cancer research and early detection.
   I thought it was a great idea. I was working with a woman who was in the middle of her battle against the disease. She was just 32 and had one breast removed and was doing chemotherapy and then radiation and was still working. She was so inspiring; her courage and unfailing humour under such conditions amazed me.
   My dad's cousin died of breast cancer that she battled for years. So I decided to sign up. I had to raise $1900 to participate and that was hard, but the Pallata Team works people who run this show were so supportive.
   I trained by myself and raised the money by myself, never quite realizing more than 3,000 other women and men were doing the same. Then I went to registration by myself, met a young women to tent with and we walked some of the first day together. I finished 23.5 miles in 90 degree on the first day but got heat stroke later in the evening and had to go the the hospital.
   I stayed home and recovered and went back for the closing ceremonies on Sunday, and I signed up to do the 2002 walk two weeks later.
   Janice Clifton, one of the walkers from last year who I actually met through my work, has decided to form a team Woodinville. She met a team from Mercer Island that was so strong and had 60+ women that we hope to do the same here in Woodinville.
   We are now the Boob Brigade from Woodinville who plan to raise Buckets of Money for the Avon Three Day.
   We have a team of 12 or so already and really hope to reach our goal of 50 or 60 team members. We have scheduled training walks and have arranged to do a team garage sale at the Grange and we will have our own T-shirts. We are talking of doing a spahgetti feed to raise money.
   This is such a good cause and I know there are other men and women who would like to get involved. With a team that will support you, it makes it much more fun and easy.
   For information, call Janice Clifton at (206) 818-4795.
   Pam Trefethen, Woodinville