Northwest NEWS

March 11, 2002


Supermajority Rule remains because of one vote

The Feb. 26 edition of the Woodinville Weekly featured an article entitled "After House vote, Supermajority Rule remains intact" describing the fact that the State House of Representatives rejected by one vote a measure placing repeal of the "Supermajority Rule" on the state ballot.
   As many readers know, this rule requires that all public school levies and bonds must gain 60 percent approval even though virtually every other tax or bond measure in the state requires only majority (of 50 percent plus one) approval. Both 45th District Sen. Finkbeiner and Rep. Ruderman supported measures to eliminate this antiquated rule.
   The voters deserve to know, however, what the article did not say: 45th District Rep. Toby Nixon voted against this measure and the opportunity to place public school districts on the same plane with all other taxing districts.
   He cast the deciding vote. He supports the requirement that public schools must have 60 percent voter support, even though public sports facilities, prisons, hospitals, transit authorities and other tax measures do not.
   Mark Berry, Woodinville