Northwest NEWS

March 11, 2002


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial: Children are a precious investment in the future and demand a well-rounded education

*Thanks to the support of concerned voters in the Riverview School District, the Maintenance & Operations and Transportation Levies both passed, exceeding the 60 percent Super Majority requirement.

It's time to get involved - sign up for the Avon Three Day

*Last year just about this time I saw my first ad about the three day, 60-mile walk from Enumclaw to Seattle to help earn money for breast cancer research and early detection.

Americans don't take kindly to the unjust

*There's nothing like a recession to give clarity to how government spends our tax money. All the recent referendums prove that Washington voters don't want to pay high taxes.

Supermajority Rule remains because of one vote

*The Feb. 26 edition of the Woodinville Weekly featured an article entitled "After House vote, Supermajority Rule remains intact" describing the fact that the State House of Representatives rejected by one vote a measure placing repeal of the "Supermajority Rule" on the state ballot.

Traffic lights better than roundabout

*I commute through the intersection of SR 203 and Northeast 124th Street every day and after asking some questions and doing some thinking, I have to say I don't understand what would make a roundabout the best solution to the shortcomings of this particular intersection.

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