Northwest NEWS

March 11, 2002

Local News

Bar fight ramifications mount

by Jeanette Knutson
   Staff Writer
   Snohomish Police Chief Rob Sofie called the death of Lt. Gary McAdam late last month "a needless, senseless loss of a human life."
   McAdam, 40, a 15-year veteran of Bothell Fire and EMS, died as a result of injuries sustained during an off-duty fight at a Snohomish tavern, the U&I Bar and Grill, located at 907 First Street.
   According to police reports, investigators determined that three separate physical altercations occurred.
   The first involved Alexandra Love, 23, an off-duty employee of the U&I, who allegedly struck McAdam in the face following a verbal exchange. Her boyfriend, Tony Adam Cullum, a 28-year-old commercial fisherman from Lake Stevens, allegedly initiated the second physical altercation with the victim. Apparently bar patrons broke up this fight.
   A final altercation allegedly took place just outside the tavern shortly afterward. This time Cullum again attacked McAdam, leaving him lying in the roadway unconscious, where he lay until police arrived.
   Love and Cullum fled the scene before the police arrived.
   McAdam was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with injuries reported to be serious and life threatening. He was in a coma. He died the next day, Feb. 27, never having regained consciousness.
   According to an autopsy report, the preliminary determination of cause of death is homicide by blunt force. Additional tests are pending.
   Police arrested the two suspects the morning following the homicide.
   Love pleaded not guilty to an assault charge, a misdemeanor, for reportedly slapping McAdam in the face. She was released on her personal recognizance.
   Cullum, held in Snohomish County Jail, was charged with second-degree murder. His bail was originally set at $100,00 but was subsequently raised to $500,000.
   Apparently witnesses reported seeing Cullum strike McAdam while he was on the ground.
   Police have now made five arrests, three for rendering criminal assistance to suspects Cullum and Love. Three of those arrested are employees of the U&I Tavern.
   The first arrested was an adult female employee of the bar, for investigation of rendering criminal assistance.
   Police reports indicate that she knowingly harbored Cullum and Love in her private residence after they fled the scene following the assault McAdam, knowing the suspects had been involved in committing the assault.
   Immediately following the incident, the woman was questioned several times by police, but denied knowledge of the suspects' whereabouts.
   Following her arrest, she admitted granting permission for the suspects to hide in her residence.
   Two additional subjects were arrested, both Snohomish residents, both for rendering criminal assistance.
   The first was a female employee of the bar who also knowingly assisted in Cullum's and Love's flight from police.
   She admitted transporting the suspects to other location(s) following the assault.
   Immediately following the incident, the woman denied knowledge of the suspects' whereabouts.
   The final arrest to date is of an adult male who allowed the suspects to stay at his residence following the incident. A Snohomish Police Department news release states "He admitted to full knowledge of the victim's injuries being so extensive it required an airvac to Harborview Hospital, and that both suspects were wanted by police."
   On March 6, the state Liquor Control Board issued an emergency 30-day liquor-license suspension against the U&I Tavern.
   After the 30-day suspension, the liquor license will be revoked permanently, subject to appeal by the licensee.
   A news release issued by the Liquor Control Board states "The action was taken after a series of recent incidents of disorderly conduct at the establishment. ... Findings allege that the licensee and employees engaged in and allowed disorderly conduct, allowed behavior that provoked conduct which presents a threat to public safety, and engaged in and permitted conduct on the licensed premises which is prohibited by law."
   According to the Liquor Control Board, the licensee has the right to a hearing regarding the charges. If no appeal is made, the liquor license will be canceled effective April 5.