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March 11, 2002

Local News

Driver charged with death of daughter alters plea

Anita Durrett, 42, of North Bend, charged with vehicular homicide in the death of her 9-year-old daughter, has entered a modified guilty plea to the charge. Durrett entered the Alford plea in Snohomish County Superior Court last week, saying, for all intents and purposes, she believes she is innocent, but acknowledges she will likely be convicted at trial.
   Last December, Durrett pleaded innocent to the charge.
   The case revolves around an auto accident that took place after an alleged shoplifting incident at the Woodinville Albertson's grocery store last June. Investigators say Durrett left the store with some $266 worth of groceries. Store employees confronted her in the parking lot, but she managed to jump in her car and speed off. A couple miles from the store, she passed one vehicle and apparently lost control of her car, slamming into a tree.
   Her daughter LaDawna, a passenger in the car, was killed in the accident. Durrett was seriously injured. Sentencing is set for May 14.