Northwest NEWS

March 11, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

March 3: A homeowner in the 19900 block of 130th Avenue Northeast returned to his vacant house to discover several broken windows. The man noticed a strong odor of marijuana and called police. Upon investigation, some personal items were missing and the matter is under further review.
   March 3: A woman parked her car in the 17800 block of Garden Way to pick up some groceries. When she returned 15 minutes later, her car was gone. Police conducted an immediate area check with negative results.
   March 2: A officer stopped at the intersection Northeast 175th and 131st Northeast watched as a man ran across six lanes of traffic causing several cars with a green light to stop to avoid a collision. The officer contacted the man in the nearby parking lot and asked for his name and date of birth. A standard records check revealed no record of such person. The officer asked the man if the information was correct. The suspect confirmed the name and date of birth. However, when the officer asked the suspect how old he was the man told the officer he was 29 and then changed his answer to 30. The officer knew there was a problem because the date of birth given would have made the suspect 32 years old.
   The suspect was unable to give the officer a current address and continued to change his answers from Bothell to Seattle or Renton. The suspect was arrested on Obstructing charges and it was later determined that the suspect had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.
   Feb. 28: A man in the 13300 block of Northeast 171st St. received a call from his apartment manager that his Jeep was up on blocks. He went outside to find all four wheels removed and the Jeep resting on wooden blocks. Police investigated but there are no leads at this time.