Northwest NEWS

March 11, 2002


Tell kids how 'Absolutely Incredible They Are'

Just a few well-chosen words can create a touching letter to a child you know, offering words of encouragement that can last a lifetime. This is the cornerstone of Camp Fire USA's "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" which occurs on March 21 and encourages telling youth how valuable and absolutely incredible they are.
   This national campaign to honor children has been recognized by child care experts, educators, celebrities, leaders, parents, and kids everywhere as an event to inspire adult-to-child interaction. Research shows that simple words of encouragement and compassion can make a difference in a child's life. Putting these words into a letter allows the recipient to return to them for inspiration and guidance, often for years to come.
   For "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" stationary and tips on writing a letter to a child, please call the Central Puget Sound Council at (206) 461-8550.
   For information, call 1-800-451-CAMP or visit