Northwest NEWS

March 18, 2002


Public meeting on County Crisis System scheduled for March 21

EVERETT Community members are invited to a public forum on Snohomish County's integrated crisis response system on Thursday, March 21, from 1-3:30 p.m. at Compass Health, 4526 Federal Avenue Campus, Building 2, in Everett.
   Last year, the Volunteers of America Crisis line received 37,405 calls for help from Snohomish County residents. That's an average of 104 calls a day. Crisis operators take calls from people who feel emotionally out of control, who say they want to kill themselves or harm other people, or feel they just cannot cope anymore.
   Hospital emergency room workers or police and fire department responders frequently call the Crisis Line on behalf of others. What happens after they call?
   The panelists will represent Compass Health, Snohomish County Human Services and Volunteers of America. This event is sponsored by these agencies in conjunction with National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) of Snohomish County.
   The county's 24-hours-a- day, seven-days-a-week crisis response team is made up of a trained phone response team that either helps a caller over the phone or dispatches masters-level clinicians from County Human Services or Compass Health to help the caller in personal outreach visits.
   If the call is dispatched, clinicians visit the callers within two hours of their initial call and work with the caller to find help or treatment.
   The clinicians serve all ages throughout the county, from children to teens, adults and older adults.
   The Crisis Line for the county is (425) 258-4357 or (800) 584-3578.
   These numbers are posted with the emergency numbers listed in all county telephone books.
   The March 21 public forum on the county's crisis response system and the meeting will be particularly helpful to teachers, counselors, police and fire enforcement officials, hospital staff, clergy and others who might use or refer people to the Crisis Line.
   Compass Health, a non-profit community mental health agency, has been serving children, families and adults in northwest Washington since its origins as Luther Child Center in 1901.
   For more information about Compass Health and the services it offers, or to RSVP to the March 21 Integrated Crisis Response System meeting, call (425) 349-8393 or visit .