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March 18, 2002

Local News

Duvall Police Report

Courtesy of the Duvall Police Department
   March 5 - Officers were dispatched to a local business for a juvenile customer who had been caught shoplifting. The suspect was released to parents, charges pending.
   March 6 - During a routine traffic stop, it was found that the driver had a warrant out for his arrest due to DUI. The driver also had a suspended driver's license and was booked into King County Jail.
   March 7 - Officers were called to a hit and run accident in front of a local business. The vehicle had already been driven away, but witnesses provided some information about the suspect.
   March 8 - While officers were investigating a stolen vehicle complaint, they found that a person in the house had a felony warrant for his arrest. The subject was booked into jail. It was later learned that the vehicle was not stolen, but was impounded earlier in the day.
   March 9 - While officers were working the Tolo dance at Cedarcrest High School, they arrested two people for minor in possession/consumption of alcohol. Officers also recovered a glass smoking pipe from the back of the limousine the two were riding in.
   March 10 - A vehicle struck a parked car and drove away. An investigation is underway.