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March 18, 2002

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Kudos for Woodinville Post Office

According to Cathy Orlins, supervisor of customer relations at the Woodinville Post Office, lots of businesses belong to the Mystery Shopper Program.
   Businesses are evaluated regularly by an independent company who sends in a person, a mystery shopper, disguised as an everyday customer.
   This mystery shopper rates the business using a five-page evaluation form.
   The shopper looks at the facility and, as in the case of the Woodinville Post Office, grades it on how clean it is, how well the vending machines are stocked, if ample supplies are available for customers in the service area, how knowledgeable the retail clerks are.
   Orlins says their post office gets visited eight times a year in this program. "We have never received a 100 percent on the evaluation, and this time we did.
   Orlins credits the counter customer service associates at the Post Office for their work.
   Post Master Jim Walters said he would like to see them receive this award every year.
   It was the retail sales associates who received the award."
   According to Orlins, Post Master Jim Walters said, "This is the first in a row," meaning, she said, Walters would like to see them to get this award every year.