Northwest NEWS

March 18, 2002

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City of Bothell receives two recycling grants totaling $99,742

BOTHELL The City of Bothell has been awarded two grants that are focused on recycling and waste management.
   They are independent grants that will be used to fund city clean up events that the City of Bothell coordinates twice a year in the spring and fall for residents within the city limits. The grants are to be used during 2002 and 2003.
   Washington State Department of Ecology granted $33,133 in Coordinated Prevention Grant funds.
   King County Solid Waste Division granted the City $66,609 in funds specific to community recycling events.
   "The City of Bothell does its best to obtain funds in the most beneficial ways for our community," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "We're thankful to Washington State Department of Ecology and King County Solid Waste Division for their assistance in maintaining these important recycling events for our citizens."
   The City of Bothell Public Works Department organizes and implements both clean up events. From the 2001 events, more than 135 tons of solid waste and recycling materials were collected.