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March 18, 2002

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Riverview District educational grants awarded for 2002

The Riverview Educational Foundation (REF) has announced the educational grants awarded for 2002.
   The 14 grants (worth a total of $8,000) enhance learning of science, math, fitness, cultural diversity and reading. Specific examples of grants are as follows: Carnation Elementary was awarded a grant that provides visual aids for matching the spoken and written word.
   Cherry Valley Elementary will purchase multi-level math materials for independent studies. Stillwater Elementary was awarded a grant for PE equipment that will monitor and assess activity levels. A grant for Eagle Rock Multi-age will help purchase materials for hands-on science exploration. Tolt Middle School was awarded a grant that provides lab materials for plate tectonic and earthquake studies. Cedarcrest High School will purchase graphing calculators for advanced math studies.
   Through its grants, the Riverview Educational Foundation supports projects that provide an opportunity to stimulate learning and enhance or expand the school curriculum. Criteria for grants include a high degree of active student/leader involvement and consistency with the educational goals of the Riverview School District. Projects are developed by teachers, staff, students or community members and are sponsored through a Riverview school.
   The Riverview Educational Foundation finances the grants through tax deductible contributions from individuals and businesses. Contributions can be made directly to the Riverview Educational Foundation or through United Way payroll deductions by specifying the "Riverview Educational Foundation" as the recipient.
   Another source of funds for grants is the annual "REF Golf Classic" tournament fund-raiser held each September. To learn more about this year's grants and REF, visit the Web site at and click on "News."