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March 18, 2002

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March 28th workshop to introduce Master Plan community responses

WOODINVILLE What improvements would you like to see in downtown Woodinville? What are your top two priorities? These questions were posed to participants at a visioning workshop on the Downtown Master Plan study held at the end of January that resulted in over 100 responses.
   Ideas, suggestions and concepts from that meeting will be incorporated into graphic designs and presented at a second workshop on Thursday, March 28, at 7 p.m. at the Woodinville City Hall, Council Chambers, 17301 133rd Avenue NE.
   "We are encouraged by the attendance at the first workshop," said Don Brocha, City Council liaison to the project. "We hope to engage a large segment of the community to assist with this important decision- making process."
   "Creating an attractive, pedestrian-friendly environment and addressing traffic issues, particularly congestion on Northeast 175th Street, are the two highest rated priorities," said City Planner Carl Smith.
   Other top priorities include improving parks and open spaces, encouraging higher density and mixed-uses, including more residential development.
   Participant responses reflect a desire to protect and enhance access to Little Bear Creek, encourage unique shops (discourage strip-mall development), minimize surface parking by considering structured/underground options and incorporate Woodinville's history into the downtown design.
   Community members are encouraged to stay involved in the downtown planning process by attending the March 28 and future workshops.
   For more information, contact Carl Smith, City Planner, at (425) 489-2757, Ext. 2282 or e-mail