Northwest NEWS

March 25, 2002


Brightwater provides welcome alternative

We commend Jeanette Knutson for her carefully researched article regarding the Highway 9 Brightwater site and the Northshore School District's plans to build a bus depot and bus maintenance facility on 18 acres which Brightwater would preserve as parkland.
   Our organization, which is dedicated to preserving salmon habitat, has studied the Northshore School District's plans with great care and we have concluded that in addition to causing foul air, light pollution at night and traffic gridlock by day, the proposed school bus facility would be devastating to the fish of Little Bear Creek after over 100 mature evergreen trees are removed and 80 to 85 percent of the site is paved.
   Effluent, including oil and diesel fuel crossing Highway 9 from this sloped site, would quickly reach Little Bear Creek just 150 feet away. Brightwater's environmentally conscious approach provides this community with a welcome alternative one that would allow Little Bear Creek to continue to provide an unusually fine habitat for fish.
   Debby Nicely, Secretary, Little Bear Creek Protective Association