Northwest NEWS

March 25, 2002


Speed limit on 522: questions and answers

Copy of a letter received from Washington Department of Transportation Commission answering why the addition of four-lane highway on SR 522 east of Woodinville still has a posted speed limit of 55 MPH and has become a favorite hangout of Washington State Patrol collecting speeding tickets. Also included is the writer's reply to DOT.
   Dear Mr. Vaclav:
   This is in response to your message submitted to the Washington State Transportation Commission last week regarding the speed limit on SR 522.
   The speed limit on SR 522 remained the same even after the improvements were done. This is intentional for the purpose of allowing traffic to adjust to the improved roadway. A speed study is then done to measure the speed drivers of the new roadway environment find appropriate.
   This speed is called the 85th percentile. It represents the speed the majority of drivers - keeping in mind the majority drive in a safe and reasonable manner - are using.
   SR 522 is scheduled for a speed study in July of this year. I would like to report it would be sooner, but there are several studies to conduct this year and this is the soonest we will be able to schedule it. I will let you know the result of the study when it is complete.
   Thank you for your interest. We very much appreciate the input of highway users. If you need additional information, please contact Barbara Briggs, North Area Traffic Engineer at (206) 440-4486 or>
   Lorena Eng, Northwest Region Administrator