Northwest NEWS

March 25, 2002


Answer to the previous letter

Dear Lorena:
   You've got to be joking!
   After years of delays and public hearings, the DOT finally built part of the long planned highway and now have no expertise or guts to make a judgment to extend the 60 MPH speed limit on it.
   You have to make a study!
   As far as I am concerned, this is a legalized speed trap.
   And for "study" - how about checking with WSP and finding out how many tickets were issued and for what speed? Or checking with Evergreen District Court on the same?
   Let me make some suggestions on the speed issue first:
   Remove all 55 MPH warning and speed signs - include the ridiculous "Patrolled by aircraft" sign.
   Post the removed 55 MPH warning sign on top of the hill
   Post 55 MPH sign after at the last curve before Paradise Lake traffic signal so the traffic signal can be seen.
   Remove the flashing yellow lights at the Echo Lake traffic light ( If you have studied that you know by now that it is no longer needed. The electricity saved may count for something. Besides, the new road addition just moved the traffic congestion from Paradise Lake Road to Echo Lake Road and the speed is pretty much nil here anyway)
   Post 60 MPH sign after the Paradise Lake traffic signal.
   I am going to visit Evergreen District court and suggest to the judge to review all the speeding tickets given to motorists on this new four-lane speed trap setup and maintained by Washington DOT.
   P.S. I still do not know who is paying and how much for the cleanup of mudslides from the sand mountain DOT build along the 522. I guess that is a different department.
   Vaclav Sal, Woodinville