Northwest NEWS

March 25, 2002


Letters to the Editor


*In the March 11 article "Northshore seniors dream up trips to nearby and faraway destinations

Brightwater provides welcome alternative

*We commend Jeanette Knutson for her carefully researched article regarding the Highway 9 Brightwater site and the Northshore School District's plans to build a bus depot and bus maintenance facility on 18 acres which Brightwater would preserve as parkland.

Roundabout will reduce severe accidents and keep traffic moving

*The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is planning to construct a two-lane modern roundabout on State Route 203 at NE 124th Street near Duvall.

If roundabouts were a perfect solution they would be everywhere

*In response to the Valley View front page article called "Engineers: Roundabout is safest alternative..." I feel compelled to write with a number of points.

Center appreciates contribution of flag and flagpole

*We would like to thank the Joseph Meknes family for their contribution of a flag and flagpole to our facility in memory of Mr. Meknes.

More traffic or higher taxes?

*Olympia is giving us the choice: higher taxes or traffic? I'm saying "no" to both these options and offering the obvious, albeit politically incorrect, option. Cut government spending to pay for it and audit what spending is left to cut the waste.

Speed limit on 522: questions and answers

*Copy of a letter received from Washington Department of Transportation Commission answering why the addition of four-lane highway on SR 522 east of Woodinville still has a posted speed limit of 55 MPH and has become a favorite hangout of Washington State Patrol collecting speeding tickets.

Answer to the previous letter

*After years of delays and public hearings, the DOT finally built part of the long planned highway and now have no expertise or guts to make a judgment to extend the 60 MPH speed limit on it.

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