Northwest NEWS

April 1, 2002


Residents need to reassess their reasons for having horses

This is in response to Kathleen Neese's letter in your paper dated March 18. I totally share in her opinion of the needs of horses. The people in Woodinville really need to assess their reasons for having horses. Most of the horse owners that I know don't seem to realize the needs of horses. They fail to provide pasture (not muddy small paddocks), companionship with people and other horses and cleanliness (manure management). Seldom, if ever, are a large percentage of these horses ridden or given any form of exercise.
   The way these horse owners expect their horse(s) to live its entire life would be like a person staying in one room of their house at all times. It results in cruelty to the animal. Horses are not meant to stay in small places wallowing in manure and chewing on fences.
   What a miserable life the horses of Woodinville must endure for their owners to have the prestige of ownership. We call horses lawn ornaments in this neighborhood, but that is wrong, as they have no grass under their feet, only mud.
   Rita Klumb, Woodinville