Northwest NEWS

April 1, 2002

Local News

City's 9th anniversary and major milestones

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   On Easter Sunday, many in Northshore celebrated by attending church, getting together with friends and hunting for colored eggs.
   However, March 31, 2002, was also noted for another special event. On that day, Woodinville marked its ninth anniversary as King County's 32nd city (out of 39) to incorporate. In May 1992, Woodinville's citizens voted to incorporate, which became effective March 31, 1993. Nine years ago, City Hall occupied one room in the old Woodinville Schoolhouse and consisted of six employees who worked in the Public Services Department. The staff represented the Planning Department, Finance, Police, Public Services and support staff.
   The shopping center across from Molbak's and the Woodinville Cineplex didn't exist at that time. Neither did the numerous eateries that now offer up countless choices from stir fry to one-pound burritos.
   Today, City Hall has moved from its cramped quarters in the schoolhouse to a 24,000-square-foot, two-story facility. The staff has grown to over 50 employees and seven service departments. Some of the city's major milestones over the past nine years include:
   Sponsored first 4th of July Fireworks event
   Adopted city's first Capital Facilities Plan
   Created Woodinville Police Department
   Adopted the city's first Comprehensive Plan (a plan that sets development and growth guidelines in and around Woodinville over a 20-year period.)
   Opened Woodinville Heights Neighborhood Park
   Created Parks and Recreation Department and Commission
   Dedicated NE 195th Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathway
   Opened DeYoung Park in downtown
   Dedicated Woodin Valley Trail, a pedestrian bicycle bridge over the Sammamish River
   Launched first city website designed by local junior high students
   Opened Wilmot Gateway Park; the city's flagship park connecting to the Burke-Gilman Trail
   Adopted Community Urban Forestry Plan
   Established Salmon Task Force to manage an effective response to the need for protection and enhancement of salmon habitat.
   Planned for year 2000 rollover
   Approved purchase agreement for downtown property to acquire Old Woodinville School, C.O. Sorenson and play fields
   Participated in the US Census for the first time
   Conducted survey on community park and recreation needs and desires
   Began Civic Center Master Plan Process
   Dedicated new City Hall building
   Opened mini-community center
   Launched new city website and employee intranet site
   Purchased key park and open space properties