Northwest NEWS

April 1, 2002


I-728 public hearing April 9

Under the provisions of Initiative 728, the Northshore School District School Board will hold its annual public hearing on the district's Student Achievement Improvement Plan Tuesday, April 9 at 4 p.m. at the regularly scheduled School Board meeting in the Ricketts Administrative Center Auditorium.
   Northshore anticipates receiving approximately $4.4 million from the state in I-728 funding for the 2002-2003 school year after receiving $3.7 million for 2001-2002. The actual dollar amount is tied to enrollment and increases on a per student basis yearly. Voters approved I-728 in November 2000.
   The following recommendations were presented to the school board at their March 26th meeting:
   K-4 Class Size Reductions: $1,620,400; Targeted 5-12 Class Size Reductions: $1,036,000; 9th/10th Grade Credit Retrieval Program: $124,200; Junior High Alternative Program: $414,000; Extended Learning for Summer School: $363,000; Professional Development - Mentor Development: $328,000; Teacher Assistance Program: $70,000; K-12 Teacher Development: $362,000; Early Childhood Education: $79,800. Total: $4,398,400.