Northwest NEWS

April 1, 2002


Cedarcrest High School PTA has announced the winners in the Reflections Art program for this year.

In the category of music; 1st place went to Chuck Horkin.
   In the category of literature; 1st place was awarded to Hannah Stern, 2nd place to Laura Hahn and 3rd place to Angela Osberg.
   In the category of photography; 1st place went to Morgan Luce, 2nd place to Diana Jetter and 3rd place to Morgan Luce.
   In the category of visual arts - fine arts division; 1st place went to Hannah Stern, 2nd place to Cory Sly, 3rd place to Hannah Stern and honorable mention to Katie Williams, Laura Hahn, Hannah Stern and Diana Jetter.
   In the category of visual arts - computer graphics division; 1st place was awarded to Jason Porcello, 2nd place to Eric Lawrence, 3rd place to Jessica Pemble and honorable mention to Ricky Cardin, Chloe Christman, Laura Hahn, Alvaro Lira and Robin Swenson-Healy.
   The following four entries qualified to go on to state competition: Chuck Horkin's music entry, Hannah Stern's visual arts entry, Laura Hahn's literature entry and Morgan Luce's photography entry.
   Judges were Jane McClure - literature; Laurie Peterson - photography, Naomi Stern - computer graphics and Paula Strobel and Mike Ball - visual art. Volunteer helpers included PTA member Denise Mahnke, drama teacher Karen King, Cedarcrest secretary Linda Bjornson and the custodial staff.