Northwest NEWS

April 8, 2002


Look at the big picture, not just a small portion

I agree in part to the recent letter on the impact of the bus barn project. It certainly would have some of the mentioned impacts on LBC (Little Bear Creek). I would like to point out that the 110-acre Woodinville sewer plant project would not be as healthy for the LBC as presented in the Brightwater infograms. The project would alter 79 + acres of the watershed immediately adjacent to LBC. This would gravely impact the following aspects of the watershed into LBC:
   1. The flow rate of runoff to LBC
   2. The temperature of the run-off into LBC
   3. The makeup of run-off into the creek.
   The above three items individually are critical to the spawning of fish in any waterway, but to alter all three would have serious effects on the pristine spawning in this creek. One can not alter such a large area of any watershed without changing the characteristics of the spawning waters.
   Along with the impact on LBC, Woodinville would be tremendously affected by this project. The site is located in a valley which has natural air inversion that would air flow close to the surface of the valley. This is displayed each summer by the vast number of hot air balloons that gently float from north to south over Woodinville.
   As these balloons glide over the proposed site, they have to continually do burns to stop from landing on Hwy. 9. This is also demonstrated by the fragrant smell from the soup plant that sits on this very location. Is Woodinville ready for additional smells drifting through town during its summer festivals?
   The city of Woodinville is trying to present itself as a beautiful, rural town. Is a very visible sewer plant as its northern gateway a good first impression? Also, Woodinville would be the closest municipality to this project. Is the city ready to take on the extra infrastructure needed to respond to any emergency at this operational facility? I ask for all concerned citizens to look at the big picture, not just a small portion.
   Gerald Farris, Bothell