Northwest NEWS

April 8, 2002


When a child suffers, a community suffers

Children depend on those who care for them to provide for their health, safety and emotional well-being. When parents and other caregivers are not able to meet this responsibility, the consequences to children and to society are often tragic. Abused and neglected children often carry the burden of their experiences into adulthood in the form of substance abuse, depression, phyiscal disabilities, learning difficulties, criminal activity and the continued cycle of abuse. Clearly, when a child suffers, our community suffers.
   April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. It's time to reflect on what we are doing as a community to support children and families. Children don't come with instructions and too many parents face raising their children without the support they need.
   Children's Services of Sno-Valley, a private non-profit organization, provides education and enrichment activities for children and families in the Snoqualmie Valley. Offering a broad mix of tuition-based and free services, we believe information and support should be available to all families. We offer a variety of volunteer and donor opportunities for those wishing to help families within the community. We also provide quarterly parenting classes (this quarter's class begins April 11) and ongoing support services for those interested in adding new tools to their parenting toolbox. Those interested in receiving more information can call (425) 788-7924.
   This month, let's make sure all parents know that their hard work is valued. Think of what it will mean for the future of children and our community.
   Darcy Van Patten, Children's Services of Sno-Valley, Duvall