Northwest NEWS

April 8, 2002


Horse owner responds

I'd like to respond to the two ladies who think horse owners need to reassess the need of having a horse.
   Get off your soapbox. You are obviously not a horse owner,and know very little about horses and keeping a horse. The horses you see outside in pastures and paddocks have a pretty good life. For every horse you see outside, there are probably about 5-10 horses that live inside, in a 12x12 box stall, 23 hours a day. In addition, I think you forget what time of year it is - we are just coming out of winter, which is mud season.
   Yes, the horses you see outside do live in some mud, but the mud can't be avoided. This mud turns into grass in the spring and summer. These horses are more happy outside than they are inside, and these horses are probably brought in every night, and are well cared for. Don't assume these horses are neglected.
   Not all of us can afford 5 acres on Hollywood Hill to keep our horses on. If we can afford land at all, it's usually an acre, and which is just enough to house a horse properly. However, the majority of horse people aren't lucky enough to own enough land to keep our horses on, so we rely on the few places left to board our horses, whether it be stable, or a small pasture. But rest assured, our horses are well cared for, and we provide for them the best we can. Most horse people, including myself care for their horses better than most people care for dogs or cats.
   Before you tell us horse owners to reassess our reasons for having a horse, maybe you should do a little more research regarding what you complain about.
   Jennifer Klemp, Woodinville