Northwest NEWS

April 8, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

March 24: An officer in the 17800 block of 140th Avenue Northeast noticed a brown van without a driver's side mirror. The officer turned on his overhead lights in an effort to contact the driver and advise him about the equipment violation. Rather than pulling over to the shoulder, the driver decided to take off. The officer followed the suspect as he sped through town at 70 miles per hour. Additional officers joined the chase when the suspect began noticeably weaving giving rise to the concern that he may be driving under the influence.
   The suspect eventually led officers northbound on Highway 9 pulling into oncoming traffic multiple times. Needing to end the pursuit before the suspect seriously injured unsuspecting drivers, the officer executed a "PIT" maneuver. This Pursuit-Immobilizing Technique is a specialized maneuver when the police cruiser precisely spins the suspect vehicle off the road. After the officer spun the van off the road, a woman jumped from the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. She was immediately detained and arrested. Officers also arrested the male driver. A search incident to arrest determined that the ignition had been punched, and officers found several stolen checkbooks strewn around the inside of the van. Suspects are in custody.
   March 24: A business owner in the 14200 block of Northeast 190th Street arrived at work to find the back window broken. Fourteen halogen lamps which belonged to a friend of the owner were missing. Nothing else appeared to be disturbed. Police lifted prints from the scene.
   March 24: A man in the 14100 block of Northeast 179th Street received a knock on his apartment door from a neighbor. The neighbor asked if he could "crash" on the man's couch for the night. After the man reluctantly agreed, the neighbor asked if he could borrow the man's mini-van to drive to Burien. The man told the neighbor "No" and retired for the night. When he woke the next morning, the neighbor, the car keys and $100 were gone. Case is under investigation.
   March 21: A man walked into a business in the 18000 block of Garden Way Northeast with both hands in his coat pockets. He lifted his right hand, which was still in his pocket, and placed it on the counter. The clerk told police that she could easily tell that it was the man's hand inside the pocket and not a gun. The man pointed his finger "barrel" at the clerk and demanded all her money. The clerk told him "No way." The man became agitated and said "This is a robbery. Do you know what that is?" The clerk responded that she knew what a robbery was but she wasn't giving him any money. The man then turned and walked out of the store.
   A short time later a clerk at a business in the 13600 block of Northeast 175th Street watched a man enter the store with his coat sleeve pulled over his hand. The man approached the clerk and demanded she hand over the money.
   This clerk told police that the man tapped the "gun" on the counter as a dramatic gesture, but the sound was that of knuckles rather than a gun. The clerk told the man to leave the store. Police arrived immediately at the scene, but an area check turned up negative for the suspect. Both store employees described the man as a white male, 25-35 years old, five foot eight and about 140 pounds.