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April 8, 2002

Local News

Youth Art Show highlights local talent

WOODINVILLE — This year's Woodinville Youth Art Show resulted in over 200 artwork entries depicting the "Passport to the World" theme and winners in the categories of visual arts, photography, and 3D sculpture. Entries were submitted by students in Kindergarten through 12th grade and judged by local community members. Listed below are the winner's name, artwork title and school:
   Visual Arts
   Primary Division: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
   1st - Conner Brueske, "Growing Snowtree," Wellington Elementary
   2nd - Emma McCann, "Colors of the World," Cottage Lake Elementary
   3rd - Ashley McCann, "My World," Cottage Lake Elementary
   Visual Arts
   Intermediate Division: 3rd - 5th Grade
   1st - Alyssa Varela, "A Lazy Day," Legacy Home School
   2nd - Stephanie Johnson, "Passport to the World - Oregon Coast," Legacy Home School
   3rd - Haley Lynn O‚Sullivan, "Passport to the World: Among Us - Just Travel," Bear Creek Elementary School
   1st - Stephanie Johnson, "Passport to the World: Central Park, NYC," Legacy Home School
   3D Sculpture
   1st - Haley Lynn O‚Sullivan, "Raven," Bear Creek Elementary School
   2nd - Kirsten Zoba, "Sunny Meadow," East Ridge Elementary School
   3rd - Spencer Brueske, "Jester," Wellington Elementary School
   Visual Arts
   Junior High Division:
   6th - 8th Grade
   1st - Sam Matson, "Portrait of Innocence," Legacy Home School
   2nd - Torin White, "Highlands," Legacy Home School
   3rd - Benj Wilkowski, "A Peculiar Person," Northshore Jr. High
   3D Sculpture
   1st - Stephanie Quigley, "Columbo," Leota Junior High School
   2nd - Peter Goodman, "Flaming Happy Bunny," Leota Junior High School
   3rd - Marie Zinck, "African Sun Mask," Northshore Junior High School
   Visual Arts
   High School Division:
   9th - 12th Grade
   1st - Jade Crisostomo, "Little Red Daydreamer," Woodinville High School
   2nd - Lisa Sovanaka, "Imagine," Legacy Home School
   3rd - Rachel Land, "Tuscany Dreams," Legacy Home School
   1st - Jillian Petrin, "Beaded Snow," Woodinville High School
   This year's judges include Ted Pankowski and Edna Reichert, Woodinville Artists' Association; Malka Fricks, Woodinville Parks and Recreation Commissioner, and Linda Petrin and Karen Hergert, local art instructors. First, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category receive gift certificates provided by Woodinville Jamba Juice. Winning entries will be on display through April at both Woodinville Starbucks II, 13780 - NE 175th Street and at the Woodinville Public Library, 17105 Avondale Road. 
   A new addition to this year's art show was a community sculpture led by local artist, Stephen Edwards. Over 100 participants created continents from around the world using crafts materials donated by Bothell Home Depot, McLendon Hardware, Redmond Cable Corp., Physio Control, Northwest Art Glass, Selectronix, Inc., Sophisticated Circuits, and JIT Manufacturing. This community artwork will be displayed at the Woodinville Community Center, 13203 NE 175th Street. 
   For more information on Woodinville Parks and Recreation programs and events, please call (425) 398-9327 or visit the city's official web site at