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April 8, 2002

Local News

Duvall Police Report

Courtesy of the Duvall Police Department
   March 25 - Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a parent and teenager. Officers provided resources for the family.
   March 26 - A homeowner in Crestview Estates was awakened by the sound of a crash. The resident saw that a white vehicle had driven onto his lawn and crashed into a flower pot. The driver of the vehicle left the scene before police arrived. Police are investigating.
   March 26 - At about 1:30 a.m., a female asked an officer for directions to Kent. The officer detected a strong odor of alchohol. After conducting some voluntary sobriety tests, the woman was convinced to call friends for a ride home.
   March 27 - A CPS worker asked police to accompany him to a residence to check the welfare of an infant. The CPS referral mentioned a fugitive with a felony warrant could be at the residence. The subject was found at the residence and was taken into custody.
   March 29 - A man reported the rear tire of his Mustang had been slashed. He believed the slashing was a retaliation.
   March 30 - An officer stopped a driver for a minor traffic violation. A routine check revealed the driver had a suspended license in the 2nd degree. A court order was also found prohibiting the driver to have any contact with the female passenger in his car. The driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license and the violation of a restraining order.
   March 30 - An officer conducted a traffic stop for a broken windshield. A routine check revealed the driver had an outstanding warrant for driving while intoxicated in Snohomish County. He was arrested and his vehicle impounded.
   March 30 - A driver was stopped for driving 40 mph in a posted 35 zone. A routine check revealed the driver's license had been suspended for not paying a traffic ticket. She was arrested for driving while license suspended, photographed, fingerprinted and released.