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April 8, 2002

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Controversy continues over possible fireworks ban

CARNATION--The City Council continued its discussion April 2 on a proposed ban on the individual sale and discharge of fireworks in the city.
   The Health and Safety committee recommended a delay in voting on the bill. Mayor Stuart Lisk pointed out that the ban would still allow for sparklers. Chief Fallstrom read a letter stating the Eastside Fire and Rescue position, which suggests a proactive approach by the City Council of Carnation to adopt the ban. It also stated that Eastside Fire and Rescue fully supports public displays of fireworks, but called for the City Council to "demonstrate leadership and provide for the safety of its citizens."
   Lisk, while thanking the committee, stated his disagreement with postponing the vote. He praised them for their time and energy on the matter. Fallstrom stated that he met with the chief of police April 1 on the public education campaign, and that it is definitely moving forward.
   Lisk clarified that the reason for not banning fireworks for this July 4 was that a more restricted ban than the state has requires 12 months before taking effect. The sale of fireworks begins on June 28. The ordinance would need to be voted on prior to June 28 of this year in order to pass before the sale of fireworks begins next year.
   Several citizens spoke on this issue both for and against the ban. Deputy Mayor Yvonne Funderburg made a motion to table the vote until the June 4 meeting, so that the council will have time to address all questions and concerns. The deputy mayor stated that the council needs to have time to let the citizens know and that the council needs more of a plan to move forward. The motion passed to table the issue but will be discussed at the May meeting before a vote on June 4.
   The Health and Safety committee also reported that they held a meeting on March 26 during which Police Advisory Board candidates were interviewed and the police department goals for 2002-2003 were discussed. There was a brief discussion on relocating the police department. The committee talked about progress on the fireworks education campaign, and discussed information that came from the previous work session. The committee is also looking into the need for signage at school crosswalks, to ensure the safety of children going to and from school.
   The Utilities and Public Facilities committee discussed the sewer collection system recommendations at their last meeting.
   It was reported that the July 4th committee put forth $4,000 for this year's fireworks display.
   Cecelia Boulais, Recycling Coordinator, told the council that the Wastemobile will be in Carnation for one day on June 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be a King County Northwest Natural Yard Day, which will kick off April 6 at Seattle Center. Special discounts will be given on mulching mowers and sprinkler timers. Lowe's and Home Depot will carry the same discounts on the same type of equipment.
   The Chamber of Commerce reported that they now can offer group insurance rates to members. They are also in the process of creating a Web site. The Chamber's next meeting will be on the 11th, during which the Carnation police chief will discuss the fireworks ban.
   A public hearing was held on the proposed revision of Carnation's Comprehensive Plan to accommodate Riverview School impact mitigation fees.
   Mitigations would be as follows: single family fees would go from $1,300 to $1,062 and multi-family fees would go from $728 to $0. It was reported that the city of Duvall and unincorporated King County are planning to adopt the plan.
   The city conducted a review that satisfied their questions and the planning board voted on recommendations of fee amounts as they are.
   Superintendent Conrad Robertson was asked to speak to the issue of the drop from $728 to $0. He stated that the fees next year will go back up to $700 from $0. The formula that was used was from data provided by the Northshore School District.
   The new plan will use a different formula in order to stabilize the fees. The city attorney reminded the council that these fees are collected as "pass through" fees and that the city does not retain any of the money. All of the fees go to the school district.
   The next topic was an agenda bill addressing certain exemptions in business licenses.
   This amendment to Ordinance 638 would require repair persons and subcontractors who make deliveries to Carnation to have a Carnation business license.
   This ONLY applies to businesses who charge a fee for deliveries. Businesses who do not charge delivery fees would still be exempt.
   This proposal would increase revenues $5,000 annually. The fee for a business license is $75. The motion was voted on and adopted.
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