Northwest NEWS

April 8, 2002

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Say it in rhyme

There once was a town named Carnation
   That had a large bovine delegation
   The statistics would show
   That the cows, don't you know,
   Outnumbered the human ... residents.
   Limerick by Carnation Librarian Kate Mullen
   April is Poetry Month, and as part of the King County Library System's celebration of rhyme and rhythm, the Carnation Library is holding a limerick contest.
   Try your hand at a limerick and it might get published right here in the Valley View. The winner will be selected on April 27.
   Poets must complete the limerick that begins with: One day in the town of Carnation
   Entry forms are available at the Carnation Library until April 27, so sharpen your quill pen and let your Inner Poet spring forth.