Northwest NEWS

April 15, 2002


Family has a wonderful friend

I just read the letter from Jennifer Elden concerning her friends, the Smiths of Woodinville.  Blair Smith, a father of two young boys is fighting a costly battle with cancer.  The toll it is taking of his family is devastating. Ms. Elden is asking us to help this family.  They must be wonderful to deserve an amazing friend like her.  
   I am a Little League parent and spend most of my free time sitting on a bench, rain or shine, watching the girls practice and play as I'm sure the Smith family dreams of doing with their boys in the near future.  I have cut the article out and will pass it along at every game, as I know we are a very generous community.  Help can also be offered via donations to the Smith Family Fund at any Washington Mutual Bank.
   Peggy Binckley,Woodinville