Northwest NEWS

April 15, 2002


It's time to look at Northshore's writing system

I read with interest last week's letter from "Anonymous" regarding penmanship standards. 
   "Anonymous" went into detail regarding the distinction between the Duvall "cursive" letter "g" and the standard cursive letter "g". I encourage parents to take a close look. If parents will take the time to look closely at the Duvall "cursive" that their son or daughter is learning, they will notice that the students are missing eight lower case letters of the standard cursive writing alphabet. The lower case Duvall "cursive" letters "f", "g", "j", "p", "r", "s", "y", and "z" don't remotely resemble standardard cursive writing. In fact, those eight letters in the Duvall "cursive" alphabet are identical to the Duvall printed version of the same letters. 
   In addition, those same letters, when written in a word, are not connected together. The word "fuzzy", for example, is identical when written in either Duvall printing or Duvall "cursive". The letters are not connected together and the "cursive" formation of each letter is identical to the printed formation of the same letter.
   Many of the Duvall "cursive" upper case letters share the same problem as the Duvall "cursive" lower case letters. The Duvall "cursive" letters Z, S, T, R, Q, I, J, G, F, and A are miles away from their standard cursive counterparts.
   The version of these letters that the students do learn is so close to the printed version that they almost look indentical. Check it out! Again, I strongly encourage parents to look closely at their son or daughter's Duvall writing system. 
   Kathy Chiles, via e-mail