Northwest NEWS

April 15, 2002


Writer will remain on her soapbox

No, I will not get off my soapbox, as the writer puts it, and I hope others will not when it comes to the treatment of animals. And no, I don't own a horse. But I grew up on a farm with many kinds of animals including horses, so I'd like to think that maybe I have a little knowledge about how they should and should not be treated.
   The writer goes on to say that not everyone can afford to live on five acres on which to keep their horses. That is not the point. If you are going to own a horse, make sure it has ample room for running, year-round grazing and a shelter to protect it from the elements. Any horse owner should know that it doesn't have to be wet out for a small area to be turned into dirt or mud quickly.
   Most horse owners do take good care of their animals but they also need to address all the issues I mentioned, even when they board the horse out. Obviously, the writer likes the idea of having a horse rather than the reality of giving it what it needs - a healthy and happy atmosphere in which to live. I would hope that if someone cannot afford to feed a cat or dog they would not have one.
   The writer is implying that she cannot afford enough room for her horse or horses, but she's going to have one anyway. No one should own a horse or any other animal for their own personal gain. It doesn't take a "horse owner" to realize that.
   The writer needs to reassess her reasons for owning a horse. We would have no need for animal shelters if all people would do that before investing in a pet.
   Kathleen Nesse, Woodinville