Northwest NEWS

April 15, 2002


National Grange Week: April 14-20

from Helen McMahon
   The local Sammamish Valley Grange is actively involved in the community, making their hall available for many uses, including rummage sales held by local school sports teams, exercise classes and the making of sleeping bags for the homeless.
   The Grange also gives financial help to an aid dog program, two elementary schools' reading incentive programs, and sends as many as 20 children to summer camp.
   Open meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. Visitors are welcome to learn more about the Grange organization, founded in 1867 to keep farmers and rural Americans informed about what politically was affecting them so they could respond as a whole.
   Grange organizations continue to maintain vigilance over issues in the government that affect rural residents, agriculture issues and any other proposed laws that affect the average citizen.
   The Grange invites residents to join them and get involved with issues that affect the area. The Grange has a legislative team that watches and acts on all issues down in Olympia that would be of benefit or detriment to rural residents.