Northwest NEWS

April 15, 2002

Home & Garden

The happy farmer

by Lincoln Potter
   Special to the Weekly
   One of the happiest and most satisfied farmers that ever graced the flatlands of the Sammamish Valley with his perspiration is Jorge Crisostomo. In 1985 his wife's locally well-known aunt, Mrs. Zante, put out a call to the family. Her husband Fred who had farmed the valley near Woodinville since before the war had passed away and now she needed help.
   Crisostomo was working as a graphic artist in Las Vegas, but when someone in a Philippine family calls for help, they usually get answered.
   He has never looked back. As he looks across the family property just south of the Woodinville, he mentions only one complaint: "We don't use chemicals and sprays here, and the weeds and bugs, they are a lot of work."
   In late June, Crisostomo's broccoli, beets, lettuce, potatoes and cauliflower will be available on Saturdays at the Woodinville Farmers Market. Later in the season will come peas and tomatoes and garlic followed by blueberries, strawberries and golden ears of late summer corn.