Northwest NEWS

April 15, 2002

Local News

Police Beat

March 31: A man in the 20000 block of 130th Avenue Northeast had been having trouble with break-ins at his remodeled home. On Sunday he arrived to find the basement door unlocked and his lawn mower missing. Inside he found the remains of burned paper on a bathroom counter top. Police could not lift prints.
   March 31: Officers responded to a home in the 19900 block of 163rd Avenue Northeast for a juvenile drinking party. Officers contacted the girl who lived at the house. They took her outside to the patrol car in order to call her parents. While seated in the car, officers heard a loud bang. One of the teens standing outside the home had thrown a large rock at the police car. The rock caused significant damage to the hood and broke the front windshield. Although none of the teens admitted to the crime, police have leads and the case is under investigation.
   March 30: While directing traffic for Saturday's parade, an officer on Woodinville-Snohomish Road witnessed a pickup truck rear-end a car waiting in traffic. The officer told both drivers to pull to the shoulder and exchange information. The driver of the car approached the officer and stated that the driver of the pickup smelled of alcohol and he saw a half-case of beer on the front seat of the truck.
   The officer walked over to the pickup and asked the driver to step out. While the driver tried to explain that the car had backed into the front of his truck, the officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and saw one open beer and a half- case of beer next to the driver. The officer again asked the man to step from the truck, at which point the suspect started the truck and took off. The officer had to jump out of the way to avoid being run down. The suspect sped toward town and the parade. However, traffic blocked his path so he pulled into the Target parking lot. Two bicycle officers joined the pursuit as the truck flew through the lot. Bicycle officers were able to get within 5 feet of the suspect and yelled at him to pull over. The suspect ignored all commands and continued to speed around the lot looking for an exit. Additional officers arrived in their cars and pinned the suspect between traffic and their cruisers.
   The man was pulled from the truck and immediately arrested. A search of the truck, incident to arrest, revealed paperwork showing that the suspect had three prior Driving Under the Influence charges. The man will be charged with Felony Eluding, Driving Under the Influence, Hit and Run Attended and Operating a Motor Vehicle without an Ignition Interlock.
   March 30: Officers responded to a fight in progress call in the 13300 block of Northeast 175th Street. They arrived to find a woman lying in the parking lot with several people standing around. The woman and her friend were intoxicated and were unclear as to what happened. One of the bystanders was extremely agitated and refused to talk to police. The woman went into the establishment to get a glass of water and when she returned she told police that the man who assaulted her was still seated inside.
   Officers contacted the man and noted that he had bloody knuckles and bleeding cuts on his fingers. He was not intoxicated and told police that he had seen the woman outside in a fight with one of her friends. It was becoming physical so the man went outside to break it up. When he did he was "blind sided" by some of the woman's friends. The man was arrested and released and police will recommend that charges not be filed since it was unclear who was acting as the aggressor.
   March 29: A man in his car placed a drive-through order at a local fast food restaurant in the 13400 block of Northeast 175th when a white teenaged male wearing a ski mask ran up to the window just as the employee was handing the bag to the driver, grabbed the food and fled on foot. The unknown suspect made off with two tacos valued at $1.08. The suspect was seen a few minutes later getting into a VW Bug.